Wholesaling hair accessories from china fashion jewelry wholesaler

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The type of hair accessories and its functions

Since ancient times, woman likes to wear hair accessories for adorning hair,

to make herself  more appealing. And hair accessories have various type,

including headband, hair clips, hair pieces, elastic, hair bow, turban, hair wrap,

ponytail holder and scrunchie etc. in fact, hair accessories have two functions.

Firstly, the common function of hair accessories is as protection for the head

and eyes. For example, a headband is used by the female sport player to keep

the hair out of her eyes, meanwhile, the headband can absorb sweat so that

reduce sweat streaming to the eyes. The hair wrap and ponytail holder can hold

the long hair together for the female to reduce the troubles caused by long hair.

And the turban can keep the hair trim and protect the hair from getting wet in

the little rain. Secondly, the main function of hair accessories is to adorning hair

for the woman to make her more appealing and fashion. Woman love to wear

different hair accessories to match her clothes on different occasions. for example,

at the wedding, woman likes to wear festive hair accessories for congratulations,

on the contrary, at the funeral, woman wears black mantilla for condolence.


The cheapest and largest wholesale market for

the hair accessories–China

As the manufacturing country for the fashion jewelry, china is famous by its two

advantages–low price and good quality. Since there are 1.3 billion population,

the labor cost is relatively lower, at the same time, after adopting high technology,

the production capacity is greatly enhanced, which make the fashion jewelry

products with good quality and low price. More and more buyers from all over the

world purchase fashion jewelry, especially hair accessories from china. Because the

low price means the profit you earn will be more, the good quality means the sales

will be bigger. Don’t hesitate, come to china to wholesale the hair accessories,

it is your wise choice.


Wholesale supplier for hair accessories in China

OK CHARMS is a best and trusted hair accessories wholesalers in China due to its

decades of experience in overseas sales, and hair accessories distribution is our

main business. We gain high reputation from our long term customers. Moreover,

we can provide hair accessories with low wholesale price and good quality because

we have quite good cooperation and business dealings with most of the Chinese

hair accessories manufacturers, factories. As a experienced fashion jewelry wholesaler,

we focus on the quality firstly. We promise all the products are used eco-friendly

materials, such as silk, cotton, wool, fur, bead, cable, veil, silicone etc. And all of

them meet the EU standard. Not only the product quality, we also pay attention to

the service for the customer. Once the customer places the order and pays in the

PayPal, we will package the products and deliver the products within 2-3 days, in

order to send the products to customer with fastest speed. And if the products

have quality issues, once we confirm, we will resend the same good products for

replacement within 3-4 days.


What is the price for the hair accessories?

Our hair accessories have different price, from $0.09 to $3.00, we offer price from

low to high for wholesale. If your order a large quantity, we can offer 3% to 8% discount.

Regarding to the shipping service for the wholesale hair jewelry, we can give different

discount for various purchasing quantity, and when the single order quantity is over $2000,

we will deliver products free.

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