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The origin of head wrap

The head wrap represents far more than a piece of fabric wrapped around

the head. It has been called variously “head rag,” “head-tie,” “head handkerchief,”

“turban,” or “head wrap.” The head wrap usually completely covers the hair,

being held in place by tying the ends into knots close to the skull. The head wrap

originated in sub-Saharan Africa,and it shows the features of sub-Saharan

aesthetics and world view. However, during the slavery period in the United States,

white overlords imposed its wear as a badge of enslavement, Until the abolition of

slavery, the African American women have regarded the head wrap as a helmet of

courage which reminds them not to forget homeland-be and the suffering slavery days.

Due to its beauty and function, along with the changes of the times, wearing head

wrap has become a fashion trend in the United States, regardless of race, regardless

of social class.


The function of head wrap

The head wrap can function to absorb perspiration in the same way that a bandana

tied around the neck serves this purpose for sporters or someone walking under the

sun. Today, women are finding head wraps care wonderful hair accessories that can

disguise a bad hair or add color and pizazz to their look, thus, the head wrap also

served in another purely expedient as an article of clothing which could be used to

cover the hair quickly when there was not adequate time to make it “presentable.”

In addition, head wraps protected woman’s hair from grime and keep her head warm

in winter.


The method of tying the head wrap

1. Holding the short ends of the head wrap, wrap them around your head with the

knot above the forehead, allow the rest of the head wrap to hand loosely from the

back of your hair at the nape of your neck.

2. On one side, bring the wrap to the top of your head and hold it so it covers a little

more than half of your head. Do the same thing with the other side so your head is

completely covered.

3. Hold the head wrap where the length of your hair ends. Start twisting the excess

head wrap so it twists up toward your head. Bring the twisted slack up to the front

of the head and wrap it around the side of the head, across the forehead and to the

other side. Keep it taut so it appears neat.Finally, tuck the loose ends into a crease

in the wrap and pin into place.


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