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What is the meaning of the sideways cross necklace that everyone seems to be wearing?







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    I only know the sideways cross to be a fashion trend in jewelry… but only in jewelry is it a trendy thing rather than a representation of faith or nationality. There is nationality meanings to it as a Nordic cross, but another user has covered that.

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      I just ordered a few of these thinking I might sell them, eventually. I had to order more because my customers LOVE them in the jewelry I make

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      Sideways cross necklace meaning
      Then symbol – cross necklace hand-It differs from traditional cross necklace that we often used to see where the cross is a pendant that hangs down the chain so that it is standing.

      This is a necklace chain or rope which is attached to the cross string or rope at its upper and lower ends, so that the cross laying sideways.

      This unique design cross necklace is an unconventional variation on the classic style that has been popular for centuries.

      Different people have actually developed their own individual interpretations of what the sideways cross necklace meaning. Some of them think laterally cross necklace:

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    Well it looks different and in this way you do not have a piece of metal hanging and flopping around when you move. It looks more practical to me.

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    One interpretation holds that wearing the cross sideways means that “humanity is positioned right in the middle of heaven and hell. This makes it a neutral symbol.”

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    They broke everytime I put a braclet together and I would like to trade out the 50pcs Rhinestone sideways cross in different colors.

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    Making bracelets with these and they are a big hit. Well crafted and very sparkly. A GREAT addition to any beaders collection.

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