slide charms rhinestone letter wholesale for slide bracelets

slide letter charms

8mm slide letter charms,A-Z 260 bling letter slide charms

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Letter Charms for bracelets

letter charms,rhinestones charms for bracelets

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slide charms bracelets

leather slide charm bracelets,slide charms leather bracelets

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enamel slide charms

Enamel slide charms 8mm fits personalized name bracelets

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Slide charms jewelry making supplies

8mm bling leather strap for making your personalized keychains

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Sports charms slider

volleyball/handball,softball/football slide charms for slide bracelets

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Heart slide on charms

Heart slide charms,Black slider Charm

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Alphabet Charms

alphabet charms for bracelets wholesale

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Buy Wholesale Slide Charms Direct From China

Slide charms and leather slide bracelets online wholesale

slide charms and slide bracelets are the most popular trend accessories for kids,girls,and boys,we offer 2000+ style slide charms and lether bracelets that fits slide on charms. all these slide on charms/ slide off charms can be the perfect fit the letaher bands bracelets wristbands. All letter from A-Z Alphabet Rhinestone Slide Charms are perfect for your jewelry making collection. Made of platinum material and nickel free alloy rhinestone beads, these DIY pieces are also perfect for more personalized gifts.

slide on letters for bracelets, rhinestone slide letters bracelets from China

Crystal letters for bracelets,8mm slide letter for making slider name bracelets

Letter bracelets charms and alphabet charms wholesaleer from China,offering rhinestone letter charms,8mm,10mm rhinestone letters for making your letter bracelets,slide bracelets.

slide on letter for personalized leather dog collar and personalized flip flops.

rhinestone letter slide charms wholesale from china

OK charms online wholesale rhinestone letter slide charms , china alphabet  slide charms china suppliers,ok charms ,the chnese bigest slide charms wholesaler.China Wholesale Slide Charms supplier,offering rhinestone letter slide charms and leather slide on charm bracelets,also fits personalized dog collar and flip flops.

  • Crystal Rhinestone Alphabets - English Letters, Beads for Slider Charms
  • Zinc Alloy with Crystal Rhinestone (Glass Rhinestones)
  • Internal Diameter of 8mm, Fits a 8mm band
  • 26 pieces from A to Z

rhinestone  slide alphabet charms 's style and Category

we offer 8mm letter slide charms,10mm slider letter cahrms,12mm letter crystal slider charms,18mm slide charms letter and 30mm alphabet slide charm. from 8mm to 30mm slide charms online wholesale,

and also, we offer clear color rhinestones, pink / hot pink crystal alphabet slide charms, blue, and red, ruby,sapphire color rhinestones letter sliding charms,black jet colors crystal slide charms letter.

leather slide bracelets's style

OK CHARMS offer many style leather and steel slide bracelets, 8mm leather bands bracelets,10mm leather bracelets fits slider chrms,18mm width and 30mm width leather wristbands for slide charms.all these bracelets are fits the slide bracelets charms.

how to use the slide charms

1,slide charms for DIY name bracelets

2,letter slide charms for Personalized keychains

3,rhinestones slide charms for making leather Personalized dog collars

4,crystal letter slide charms for Personalized Beach slippers

 8mm,10mm,12mm,18mm,30mm rhinestone alphabet slide charms for name bracelets and personalized flip flops

clear rhinestones letter slide charms ,Diy 8mm letter charms slide for making your name bracelets and personalizd flip flop and dog collars.

what the buyer said:

"These are exactly what they say they are. And they're really cute. There are 2 of every letter, which is great for me because I'm using them to make earrings. I do a letter of the week in my storytimes as a Children's Librarian, and these were the least expensive way I've found to make myself an entire set of alphabet earrings. They're really sturdy and stand up to my inexperienced wire bending through the slot and around them." 

" I ordered these for a wedding but didnt realize they stood out so high. I will use them for jewelry making though and I am sure thaey will be great. "

"Letters are a good size. Sets are packaged separately, and that was nice."

Q & A about Slide Charms rhinestones Letters

Q: these slide charms are fits personalized leather dog collars,slide on slide off rhinestone letter charms slider for makring your ID/ name it leather dog collars.

A:  yes, these slide charms are fits personalized dog collar,leather collars,8mm letter slide charms are best choice for you,

Q:i want to make a name bracelets DIY store business in USA, and your charms is ok ?
    and sale to little boys and little girls,your slide leather bracelets is ok ?
    what it the length ? 7 inch ,6inch?
    can your charms shipping to LA city ,CA, USA ? or you have Distributors of slide charm in USA.

A: thanks for your email,
    making your DIY name bracelets ? name wristbands ? ID bracelets ? all are ok by these slide charms,from 6mm 8mm 18mm 30mm slide charms,rhinestone slide on charms,slide bracelets charms ,enamel charms,greek alphabet charms,

    you know , slide charms, also been called slider charms,sliding charms ,slide on charms,slide O/F charms( slide on slide off ).slide charms are popular fashion jewelry making supplies.

    8mm slide charms are fits 8mm leather bands strap wristbands,10mm charms for 10mm slide bracelets.

    yes, we can shipping to USA,UK,CA,AU,EUROPE all country.

    sorry , we have not Distributors in USA, you can buy wholesale from me at my online shopping store. many many wholesaler,ebay seller are our Clients in USA.

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