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Personalized Dog Collars

13inch,17inch,22inch leather Personalized dog collars wholesale.

Leather Dog Collar

cheap leather dog collars wholesale online

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Larger dog collars with Spikes

Crystal Charms

Crystal Charms for personalized leather dog collars

Dog Charms

Diy personalized dog collars making supplies

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bows dog collars,dog collar with bows

Leather Personalized Dog Collars fits  slide on charms letter wholesale online,buy wholesale leather dog collar from china pets dog  supplies wholealers.

Pet fashion accessories--Personalized pet collar wholesale from China

The good of wholesale fashion pet collar from China

For most westerners, pets are members of family, they may not resemble humans physically but the bond pet owners share with their pets is nothing less than relationship between humans. Generally, small domestic animals are acquired as pets. However, dogs and cats have remarkable edge over other domestic animals. They are the animals that are most loved by humans. Sight of a dog or a cat or both is not a rare incident in most occident countries.Pets are kept, fed and cared almost like infants and toddlers. As a result, products and service that pertain to the needs of pets have been acknowledged. Along with the fashion trends, more and more pet owners like to adorn their pets with various fashion pet collars. Distributing and retailing of pet products and catering to necessary services has lead to establishment of full-grown industry. Where can the occident dealers and retailers import the quality pet collars with cheap wholesale price? The answer is China!
There are 3 goods for wholesaling pet collars from China, first of all, the cheap price. Since the labour cost is much cheaper in China than in the occident, there is great profite to be made from the wholesale fashion pet collars from China. Secondly, fashion pet collars are becoming more and more beautiful and creative. The styles are more trendy
and cutting edge than they were in the past. Finally, the fashion pet collars will most likely be totally unique in
style because personalized pet collars are becoming the trends.Personalized pet collars are in different styles and
not easy to be found elsewhere.

Why the fashion Personalized pet dog collars become the necessity for the pets?

Everybody knows that barking is a pet dog's nature. But too much of it causes pain to the ears, especially when you are
trying to concentrate on some things such as reading or a TV show that you are seriously watching. With your dog barking and howling in the background, that is definitely bothersome. And there are also times when you want to be serene, then your dog suddenly behaves unpleasant that you get really mad. For this reason, pet dog collars are very useful for controlling a dog manually, as they provide a handle for grabbing. You can control and train your pet dog through grabbing the leash on the pet collar to remind the dog to be obedience.In addition, identification tags and medical information are often placed on dog collars. Since the identification tags is attached to the dog
collars, even though the dog is lost, other person can find its owner based on the identification tags on the collars. At last, pet collars can be impregnated with chemicals that repel fleas. They are usually a supplementary collar, worn in addition to the conventional buckle collar. Besides the above use, the pet collars can also adorn the dog or cat to be more beautiful and fashionable.

Are Leather Personalized Dog Collars a Good Idea?

I think these personalized collars are great - you have the long-lasting durability and quality of a leather collar, combined with the protection of a personalized tag or pendant with details that could save your dog from getting permanently lost.

Swarovski Crystal Slide-on Letter for Dog Collars

Dress up your pooch with these easy slide-on charms with sparkling handset Swarovski crystals! Spell out your pet's name or a special message or make a fashion statement - Personalize as you wish! All  slide-on letters and charms are individually handcrafted and rhodium plated that will never discolor or tarnish.

Which supplier of fashion pet collars in China should be the best choice?

As a manufacturing and producing large country for fashion pet collars, China can offer all kinds of pet dog collars for foreign dealers and retailers. And there are numbers of suppliers of fashion pet collars in China, actually which one is better? OK CHARM Brand!
OK CHRAM Brand is a reputable online fashion pet collars shop, its main business is selling various fashion pet collars to oversea, covering Buckle collars, flea collars, Elizabethan collars, break-away collars, safety stretch collars, stud collars, painted collars, oilcloth collars, spiked collars, reflective collars. And the pet collars are made from eco-friendly materials such as cotton, nylon, suede, leather and foam, all these materials are more healthy
and safe for the pets. Besides, personalized dog collars are the popular products in our shop.

Please browse our web site: for purchaing.

Personalizable Glitter Leather Dog Collar

Celebrate your pet's brilliance with our luxurious accessories of genuine leather with sparkling iridescent Swarovski crystals (sold separately). Featuring elegant glittering surface, these customized collars are guaranteed to send a stylish message!

Leather fashion dog collar with personalized slide on letters and Charms

For the doggy fashionistas out there, you also have a huge choice of beautiful quality leather dog collars!

Choose from a multitude of bright colors and even sparkly glitter to bring your dog some serious bling.

Then, once you have found the perfect collar, customize it with slide-on Swarovski crystal letters, shaped charms and hanging pendants.

I hope this guide to leather personalized dog collars was helpful! Please leave your comments, thoughts and feedback here before you go!


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    I’ve seen custom dog collars no cheaper than 350$ and so this was a fantastic deal. The company that embroiders the collar is also very prompt and I was very impressed. Great product!

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    Really nicely done. I’ve always owned dogs and have always had tags on them in case they got lost. Fortunately haven’t needed it, but you just never know.

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    The collar arrived and it was of good quality and very well embroidered. i wish I would have listened to her embroidery color suggestion as it would have stood out better than what I chose! If you order, listen to what she says!

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    Recommendation to buy, value for money,
    You can spell your dogs name, phone number.
    I liked the leather dog collar. have ordered 13inch,17inch and 22inch dog collars.

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