A popular fashion jewelry–personalized name bracelet wholesale from China

China fashion jewelry wholesale–the best wholesale resource for personalized name bracelets

Importing personalized name bracelet (called ID bracelet) from China fashion jewelry supplier is most occident dealers or retailers’ best choice. Based on Chinese strong production and manufacturing capability, any product can be produced with good quality, excellent craft and lower labor cost. Good quality means you are more competitive than
other competitors, moreover, you can win the confidence from your clients. Excellent craft stand for difficult to replicate, that means your product is unique, unique products is easy to win the customer’s attention and interest. Lower labor cost means you can buy the personalized name bracelets with a cheap wholesale price, which allows
you earn more profit from the dealings.

A ID bracelet is a classic, contemporary and completely unique gift

A personalized bracelet can be custom made and created in any way you desire, it is your design or idea. You can choose a name, date, favorite song, saying or anything that has a special meaning to you. Each ID bracelet is
one kinds of bracelet that will have special importance. Each ID bracelet is made to your specifications, no matter you prefer simple and elegant or luxury and grandiose. You can choose the metal such as platinum, 10k, 14k or 18k gold, palladium and sterling silver. Metals can be combined for a two tone look. As well as you can choose other material
such as crystal, beads,or gemstone, then use a wire to bead them together.You can also get wire bracelets that are made from silver or gold filled with wire.Wire is a durable alternative with a construction that is sturdy and long lasting.
This kind of a gift can be cherished for many years. Then choose a embellished spacer, for example a heart, cross or flower.  Maybe add a diamond or birthstone to the design. There are no limitations.

The reputable fashion jewelry wholesaler in China–OK CHARM Brand

OK CHARM Brand can offer all kinds of pet dog collars for foreign dealers and retailers. OK CHRAM Brand is a reputable online fashion jewelry shop, its main business is selling various fashion jewelry to oversea, covering custom personalized bracelets, ID bracelets, personalized necklaces, ID bangles, personalized anklets, ID pendants etc. And the personalized bracelets and other personalized jewelry are made from eco-friendly materials. Please browse our web site: for choosing.



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