Peace Jewelry

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Peace sign jewelry wholesale from China fashion jewelry and accessories supplier

OK CHRAM Brand wholesale peace sign jewelry to the foreign dealers and retailers

Over the past 40 years, peace sign jewelry has grown into a truly popular jewelry motif. You can find the perfect jewelry from among hundreds of available pieces.The peace sign symbol means something different for everyone, no matter you’re promoting world peace, or making yourself to be peace. These peace sign jewels can be good for holiday g ifts, Valentine gifts, thank you gifts, friendship gifts, or to say “I Love You”. As a experienced fashion jewelry wholesaler in China, OK CHARM Brand offers various peace sign jewels with good quality and unique style,including peace sign bracelet, peace sign earrings, peace sign necklaces, peace signring, peace sign pendants etc. And our main customers are the occident fashion jewelry dealers and retailers, AMAZON and Ebay online shop owners etc.

How does peace sign generate and become the fashion trends for jewelry?

It might surprise you to learn that the symbol universally recognized as the peace sign was originally designed as the logo for the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). The symbol quickly spread over the world and became the universal symbol for peace. Buttons, shirts, jewelry, and other items with this symbol became popular during the 60s. Nowadays, this universal sign appeals to all age groups, especially when it comes to fashion jewelry.
At first glance you might consider it to be just a fashionable statement, but if you ask those who choose to wear peace sign jewelry, you’ll quickly understand that the statement is definitely reflective of a genuine human desire for peace. Today, you can find just about any kind of jewelry metal and style for this symbol in just about every country. You can buy traditional pieces that are round with the sign encircled or where the sign is encased by other shapes such as triangle, square, oval, and even a heart. You can find peace sign designs in pendants, earrings, bracelets, watches, medallions, charms, lapel pins, rings, anklets, bangles and necklaces. Peace signs come in all sizes, from very small to extraordinarily large pieces.

Were the peace sign jewelry cheap from China jewelry fashion wholesaler?

You may want to exhibit your ideology when making your purchase by choosing a piece of fashion jewelry that was made from recycled materials, or you may choose to make a purchase from a fair trade website. Here is a reputable online jewelry shop where you can purchase peace sign jewelry: http//, our shop will offer all kinds of peace sign jewelry with cheap price, if your order is large, single order price exceeds $2000.00, we will supply free freight for your order.

Peace Sign Jewelry Materials

Peace sign jewelry can be found in all sorts of materials. Because it is considered fashion jewelry, it is frequently made from low-cost materials like plastic and inexpensive metals, but is also found in gold, platinum and sterling silver, often studded with gems ranging from rhinestones to diamonds. There is surely a piece of peace sign jewelry to fit most budgets.

Who Wears Peace Sign Jewelry?

Peace signs can be seen on the older generation who remember past wars, the younger generation protesting current wars and, yes, even those more interested in the latest trends than world peace.



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