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Wholesale Necklace jewelry

The hot selling fashion jewelry–necklace at OK CHARM online shop

Necklace jewelry is without a doubt, one of the classiest adornments there is. What’s great about them is that they look good no matter what a person wears. Necklace jewels are considered the middle-man when it comes to casual and formal. This means that they can add elegance to a casual event but looks right at home during a formal dinner.

Thanks to their popularity, more and more people are using necklace jewelry as adornment, often wearing them to attend some casual or formal occasion. Currently, necklace are mostly used as a adornment which comes in a variety of styles and may also be made from different kinds of materials. Designs range from simple to sophisticated and from single to multiple chains. As a experienced fashion jewelry wholesaler in China, OK CHARM Brand offers various necklace jewels with good quality and unique style, including rhinestone necklaces, pearl necklace, beaded necklaces, chain necklaces etc. And our main customers are the occident fashion jewelry dealers and retailers, AMAZON and Ebay online shop owners etc.

The origin of necklace jewelry

The origin of the necklace jewelry can be traced back to at least seventy five thousand years ago in history. The first people who wore these kinds of accessory were the cavemen. During those times, the chain necklaces were not made of precious metals as they are now. Instead, they were made of mollusks, claws, bones, teeth, and stones strung together on a piece of string. When gold was discovered and became widely used in 2500 BC, the gold chain necklace became popular. People have found a way to make the most out of this precious metal, turning it into different kinds of necklaces such as chokers and other varieties. Currently, there are three different types of gold used in making these jewelry pieces. These include white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. Aside from gold, other precious metals were also used for making the necklaces, that is silver. There are all types of silver necklaces available for jewelry lovers in the market these days. People who usually cannot afford the high prices of gold jewelries often purchase the silver types as an alternative to the more expensive gold pieces. In many occasions, people may often prefer to wear a silver chain necklace to go with their outfit. Choosing the type of chain necklace that best fits an individual may be a challenge for some because of the many designs, styles, and sizes available. However, if they know the size and style that best works for the kind of outfit, they are wearing as well as the design that may go well with their figure, they may just be able to get just the perfect chain jewelry.

The reputable fashion jewelry wholesaler in China–OK CHARM Brand

OK CHARM Brand can offer all kinds of necklace jewelry for foreign dealers and retailers. OK CHRAM Brand is a reputable online fashion jewelry online shop, its main business is selling various fashion jewelry to oversea, covering rhinestone necklaces, pearl necklace, beaded necklaces, chain necklaces etc. And all the necklaces are made from eco-friendly materials. Detailed information please browse our web site: for choosing.

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