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Men's Bracelets

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Man’s jewelry Wholesale Guide

1. Know What You Want Before wholesale men's jewellery

Don’t ever walk into a jewelry wholesaler and say you’re “looking for something nice for my jewelry business.”

That’s a great way to get ushered immediately to the most expensive items, and even if the salesperson tries to be genuinely helpful you’re still relying on someone else’s taste, which may or may not match the taste and wardrobe of the person you’re buying from.

Here are a list of jewelry descriptors you should determine before wholesale men's jewelry:

Jewelry Color – Do you want plain gold- or silver-colored jewelry, or are you looking for something with a colored stone? If so, what color? This is your most effective triage, since it automatically eliminates a huge chunk of wrong-colored options.

Specific Metal – Not all silver-tone jewelry is silver, nor is all gold-tone jewelry gold. If you’re set on a specific metal rather than a general color, say so. It helps eliminate a lot of options.

Jewelry Proportions – Don’t be afraid to use unscientific terms here. If you want a slender chain, say so. If you want a big, chunky ring, say that. Give good, descriptive words rather than worrying about technicalities.It’s your job to tell the jeweler “I want a nice set of cufflinks that aren’t too ostentatious”; it’s his job to know what pairs would match that description.

Price – You may not want to mention this up front, but have a limit in your head and stick to it. If you’re offered something above it just say “sorry, that’s more than I was looking to spend” and offer a lower figure. Some jewelers will be willing to haggle over a specific piece’s price, while others will direct you to similar but less-expensive options.

2. Talk to a men's jewelry wholesaler You Trust

Most jewelry purchases aren’t made on the spot. You can do it that way, but it’s better to talk a specific piece over with a friend. If that friend is someone who knows the ins and outs of the jewelry industry, so much the better.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a good friend who’s also a professional jeweler, ask around the family. You may be surprised who your relatives know — some older men have been dealing with the same family jeweler for decades, and could easily pass on a question or two for you.

When you’re asking for a professional’s second opinion, focus on the things they have expertise in: technical questions, details of quality and weight, origins of stones, etc. You’re trying to fill in the gaps in your own knowledge, not just get an opinion on your taste.

Of course, you may end up wanting to simply purchase from a jeweler you or a family member knows and trusts, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just be aware that the best second opinions will always come from people with no vested interest in the sale.

3. Find the Right  Place of men's jewelry to wholesale

Not all jewelers are created equal. Some have larger selections, some have better prices; some have more helpful and knowledgeable staff. If you’re very lucky you’ll find one that’s good at all those things, but it can be tough.

They tend to have good return policies and other customer service features. The staff may not be as knowledgeable as an independent jeweler, and in some cases be aware that you’ll be dealing with a sales clerk rather than a professional jeweler at first.


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