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As a reputable wholesale leather jewelry supplier in China, OK CHARM Brand has decades of experience in this field. And choose our OK CHARM Brand to wholesale leather jewelry is your wisest choice, why? There are several reasons.
Firstly, as a wholesaler, our products are various,  covering head accessories,earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, bangles, pendants,pet collar, which are made from different materials, including leather, bead, enamel, gemstones, and stainless steel etc. All jewelry made from stainless steel are available in silver plated,gold plated, enamel plated and bronze plated. You can choose items in our shop and save your time to find different supplier.Further more, as a reputable fashion jewelry supplier, we focus on the quality for the products, we ensure we offer the good quality fashion jewelry as well as leather jewelry, and all of them are used the eco-friendly,lead-free and nickel free material because we buy from the large famous jewelry manufacturers. We have long-term cooperation relationship with these manufactures,so that we can offer you the fashion jewelry with good quality and the cheapest wholesale price, in addition, customized fashion jewelry is welcome. At last, 24 on call after sales service is our assurance as long as you buy products from our online shop. And when the products have some quality issues, we will replace them with same quality products within 4 days after confirming the issues.

The significance of leather jewelry for fashion lover

Many people associate leather with tough guys from western movies. It represents a kind of rugged style when used in clothing. Aside from clothes, leather can be made into jewelry that can create a distinct look. From surfers to bikers to models, leather can be made into different kinds of jewelry that can be added to everyone's style. Leather
jewelry is important because it utilizes reusable resources leftover from manufacturing clothing, bags and shoes to create individual, handcrafted pieces. Leather is a versatile material that can serve various purposes in aesthetics. It certain cultures, such as the Native American culture, leather is a popular material used in pouches and clothes to represent their tribal and creative origin.


The function of leather jewelry

Leather jewelry can be made through leather alone or by combining it with metals and beads to create a unique and beautiful design. Leather can be cut into varying thickness,braided or cut into shapes. Stones and pearls can be used to form the clasp, or as ornaments and pendants to bracelets and necklaces. And it can be made into various types of jewelry including necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Meanwhile it  is a major component of a particular piece. For example it can serve as a necklace loop that connects beads together or as a simple pendant to a silver necklace. It can be plated with precious metals such as silver, gold or bronze. Leather can also be sewn and incorporated with various kinds of threads and appliques.


Regarding to the style and maintenance for the leather jewelry

Depending on the crafting of the jewelry, leather jewelry can be paired with almost any type of clothing. Jeans and leather cuffs go well together for a casual outfit, and for dressy occasions,a little black dress can be paired with a lariat for a sophisticated look. Leather jewelry also go with similar leather items such as bags and clothing to complete the outfit. As a popular cheap fashion jewelry, maintenance for leather jewelry is different from handling other jewelry. Metallic jewelry is cleaned by common jewelry solution, but leather should be wiped with a towel. Moisture and heat should be avoided to keep the leather intact. You may buy oil used to enhance leather shine. Protect the jewelry and make it last longer by properly placing it in a jewelry box and handled with care.


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