Wholesale Floating Charms & Living Memory Locket jewelry Neckalce Bracelets and Keychains

Wholesale Floating Charms & Living Memory Lockets from China fashion jewelry wholesale suppliers

Cheap Floating Charms Floating Locket Charms Number Floating Locket Charms Floating Locket Screen
Cheap Floating Charms Floating Locket Charms Number Floating Locket Charms Floating Locket Screen
$0.14 per pc low price floating charms wholesale online floating charms fits glass lockets Number floating charms wholesale 0 -9 rhinestones crystal number locket floating charms Locket Screen wholesale online china suppliers,rhinestones screen for living lockets necklace
Birthstone Crystals Alphabet Floating Locket Charms Floating Dish Plate Floating Charms Memory Locket
Birthstone Crystals Alphabet Floating Locket Charms Floating Dish Plate Floating Charms Memory Locket
Birthstones crystal floating charms for memory glass lockets A to Z 26PCS rhinestones letter charms for floating locket necklace jewelry stainless steel Dish Plate fits 30mm round glass lockets stainless steel memory lockets wholesale,round locket,heart lockets online
Floating Locket Necklace Memory Locket Bracelets Floating Locket Keychains Clip on Charms for Locket Necklace
Floating Locket Necklace Memory Locket Bracelets Floating Locket Keychains Clip on Charms for Locket Necklace
Personalized locket necklace fits floating charms living glass memory locket bracelts wholesale online memory living locket keychains fits floating charms clip on charms for lockets necklace jewelry

Wholesale Floating Charms & Living Memory Lockets from China

As we all know, China is a popular jewelry production manufacturing country, of course, including floating charms and glass living locket, floating charms necklace, China‘s floating charms jewelry product of excellent quality, superior technology, and cheap.Buy Wholesale Floating charms jewelry memory locket necklace from China is your best choice.all the items you see on our online wholesale store are made in china, you can buy it now at wholesale price.

Floating charms for Diy living memory locket jewelry necklace bracelets and keychains

Floating charms is very versatile, as a popular fahion jewelry product, it is widely used in living memory locket necklaces, floating charms bracelets, living locket keychains.
Popular floating charms jewelryproducts, in addition to a personal ornament, or Personalized business gifts, promotional gifts are the best choice. Of course, you can customize it to your company’s logo and symbol.

Wholesale Memory Lockets china suppliers

Yes, you come at the right place. OK CHARMS is China‘s best trusted floating charms and memory locket neckalce  wholesale supplier, we have decades of experience in overseas sales, distribution floating charms is our main business. We and most of the Chinese floating lockets  manufacturers, factories have very good cooperation and business dealings.

Who is buying floating chrms and glass living lockets

Our products are sold to whom?
Most of our clients are floating charms and locket necklace jewelry wholesalers and  distributors, they are all corporate entities and corporate stores, or retailers, of course, also part of the network  owner of online sales store, such as EBAY, Amazon.

What is the sub-categories  of Floating charms jewelry

This series of products include stainless steel lockets, stainless steel chain necklace,alloy floating charms,crystal charms for the locket, glass living locket bracelets,locket wrisatbands,living licket keychains and clip on charms for the locket jewelry.

Different Types of Floating Charms

No matter what your liking or personality, there is a huge variety of memory lockets and floating charms being sold in the market and on the internet today. This new fashion trend has become extremely popular and manufacturers are making these accessories, keeping in mind the tastes and liking of the people. There are memory locket chains, necklaces, bracelets, tags and dangles to choose from as per your liking.

There is a great variety in terms of floating charms as you can choose from Birthstones, animals, words, names, numbers, food and drink, heart, occupation, star sign etc. to either wear yourself or to give it as a gift to someone you love and care.

You can today look fashionable and attractive with the help of fashion surprisingly inexpensive and cheap accessories. You can also use these accessories to express your personality and emotions without saying a word. Buy them to give away to your loved ones on their special moments in life to express your feelings. This new fashion trend will not only make you look good, but also help you in winning many more hearts.

What is the floating charms necklace wholesale price?

from $0.14 to $5.99 ,We offer different from low to high wholesale prices. Of course, we also offer a large order discount coupons.   get 3% to 8% off ? clike here.

Wholsale floating necklace locket jewelry,can you provide free shipping service ?
We offer different discounts for different quantities of purchases,Moreover, we offer free shipping service if your Single order over $usd2000.00.


Where are you shipping to?

Your floating charms jewelry necklace and memory locket  can wholesale to USA? UK ? California? New York? Miami? Florida? Texas? London? Sydney? ……


As the most outstanding Chinese floating charms wholesalers, wholesale our products to around the world. America, Europe, Australia and other major countries and regions.

Floating charms be fashionable, memory lockets be trendy

Create a unique piece of jewelry by inserting the name of your boyfriend inside a memory locket and sport it to flaunt your love in front of the world. You can easily express your emotions by choosing your own personal charms or by selecting them from various websites specializing in memory lockets and floating charms.

You can also buy these lockets with charms and gift them away to your mother, brother, friend, or any other individual with whom you share a special relationship or shares beautiful times in the past. Memory lockets are not restricted to your relations alone as you can also use them to express your own personality and likes and dislikes.

The memory lockets are accessories that can help you express your unique personality and taste without saying a single word. This has become a fashion these days with celebrities sporting pendants and lockets containing the names of their lovers. You can do the same easily as these charms are very cheap and you can buy them on the internet according to your budget and taste.



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    I have had my eye on Origami Owl living lockets for awhile, but the prices were so high. Instead, I ordered two of these (one for my mom, one for my mother in law) and some 12-packs of Swarovski crystal birthstones. They are beautiful! Very comparable to Origami owl, shiny, they don’t feel cheap at all. The locket has a side magnetic closure, and it’s very secure. I will definitely be ordering one for myself soon!!!

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      Origami Owl living lockets ?
      if you buy wholesale floating charms or memory lockets from Origami Owl the prices is so high.but the Origami Owl living lockets is high Quality lockets.

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    I bought this locket for my mom for mothers day with some charms representing each grandchild. It is adorable and sweet.

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    Looks exactly how I pictured it, cannot wait to fill it with charms for my mother as her Mother’s Day gift!!

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    Love these. They actually hold more charms than I expected. They are a beautiful piece that is very sleek and elegant as well.

    this necklace is so cute! making lockets for all of the women in my life this year for christmas! I recommend these lockets to anyone who is interested in doing the “oragami owl” lockets for much lower prices but still great quality!

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    The latest trend in personalized charm jewelry is now available on floating charm lockets! Start with a round or heart-shaped stainless steel locket with a clear window for displaying a personalized arrangement of small charms. Then, choose from dozens of interchangeable 1/4″ charms, including birthstones, initials, enamel, and cubic zirconia-inlaid charms! You can make this locket completely your own, and the best part is the locket is easily opened so you can add, remove, or exchange charms at any time!

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