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Wholesale cross jewelry from Chinese fashion jewelry distributor

Wholesale cross jewelry from OK CHARM Brand–a chinese fashion jewelry distributor

Traditionally,for most westerners  the cross jewelry is often a representation of their faith in Christianity, and is sometimes believed to get in a position to ward off evil spirits and repel bad influences. In fact, the cross symbol has more rich meanings. The four arms of the cross respectively stand for water, air, fire and wind. The cross depicts the unbreakable connection among the four elements of earth. Wearing cross jewelry is supposed to increase ones knowledge, wisdom and fortitude. As the change of the times, the utilization of the cross jewelry nowadays has reached far past traditional ideals. Especially in the Western culture, men, women and children alike wear cross jewelry mainly as a fashion statement. Everyone at any age, any race or any religion, have been accustomed to the fact that cross jewelry are not just a religious accessory anymore, but more of a fashion statement that anyone, at any religion or belief can avail of. For this reason, distributing or retailing the cross jewelry has become an emerging business. OK CHARM Brand, a reputable and experienced fashion jewelry distributor in China, seize this chance to launch a collection of cross jewelry for oversea dealers and retailers for choosing, this collection covers cross necklaces, cross earrings, cross rings, cross pendants, cross bracelets, cross bangles, cross bands etc.

The style of cross necklace

Quite a few different kinds of cross necklaces might be designed today. There are the crucifixes, the celtic crosses, the classic crosses, along with the plain cross pendant necklaces. Some pendants are meticulously handcrafted by designers, though other individuals are manufactured on a commercial scale. The pendants can fluctuate in size from extremely small and delicate to big and robust. Sometimes the construction is altered likewise, to add variation to your traditional shape. The gold and sterling silver cross pendants are amongst the most popular ones. Rhinestone are from time to time encrusted inside the pendants to add an exclusive touch to suit the tastes from the additional special ones. The necklaces can fluctuate in design as well. Some necklaces can choose the form of, or relatively, resemble, rosary beads, whilst people may be within the form of plain gold or silver chains. The cross necklace is definitely an epitome of religious and spiritual beliefs although also serving as being a fashion accessory. Whether or not a believer or not, it truly is simply undeniable which the cross necklace is an elegant piece of jewelry that has crossed boundaries of time and religion, and is here to stay.

The most convenient way to import cross jewelry for oversea dealers and retailers

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