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OK CHARMS ®-- one of best china fashion jewelry manufaturer,since 2001 year. offering fashion jewelry necklace,earrings,cuff bangel,pendants and charms ect fashion jewelry wholesale.

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Leather fashion jewelry

cheap wholesale leather fashion jewelry from China,leather bracelets and necklace,cuff bangle for men

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Men's Fashion Jewellery

Cheap wholesale fashion jewelry for Men, men's wristbands,pendants,Cross Chain neckalce

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Steel Fashion Jewellery

mens stainless steel jewelry cheap wholesale,pendants,bracelets necklace chains

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Floating Locket Charms

floating charms and stainless steel memory locket necklace wholesale

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cheap wholesale jewelry necklace collar,beaded necklace,chains,silver gold plated tone

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China wholesale jewelry bracelet,charms,beaded,leather and steel,silver,crystal,gemstones

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Wholesale fashion jewelry earrings,stud,clip on,large hoop and CZ sterling silver

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cheap wholesale charms for bracelets and necklace making,heart,cross,animal

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Slide Charms

Slide Charms for bracelets,8mm 10mm 18mm 30mm rhinestones letter slide charms for leather slide bracelets

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Why US ? Cheap Wholesale Jewelry

High Quality

High Quality fashion jewelry wholesale from China.All our China wholesale jewelry are brand new, top quality jewelry making supplies from top Chinese manufacturers. This means absolutely no closeouts, used jewelry, or counterfeits. We are the one and only China gadget supplier capable of delivering Western quality standards against cheap China wholesale prices. Our in-house quality control team carefully tests our wide selection of consumer electronic products with quality in mind. Thus, every online wholesale product undergoes comprehensive testing and quality control procedure to ensure that all jewellery meet global quality standards. In addition, the products are controlled in and shipped from our in-house managed warehouse. This is your best opportunity to directly and safely access the Chinese jewelry wholesale market - all in one place online, without the need to travel to China to find suppliers one by one.

Competitive Price

buy bulk wholesale fashion jewelry by Competitive Price. offers you competitive wholesale / dropship discount prices on all the products you find in our online wholesale shop. We source directly from Chinese factories and suppliers and we negotiate the cheapest prices for you. You might think that our prices displayed in our online shop are already cheap. However, the prices you see before signing in are sample single-unit prices only! After you register and sign in our China online shop you will be able to see that our wholesale price we offer for larger quantities. In addition, attractive bulk wholesale pricing is available on enquiry. In addition, drop ship customers are rewarded with more competitive single piece discounts based on order history. You will find that our wholesale prices from China wholesale warehouse are even cheaper than closeouts / liquidation sources in your local market.

Fast Worldwide Delivery

China wholesale jewelry shipping to Worldwide.Shipping direct from China to major destinations (Europe, US, Australia, etc.) typically only takes five to six days. Goods are sent out from our warehouse typically within one day of your order payment. We cooperate with internationally trusted logistic service providers such as DHL, EMS, UPS, Hong Kong Post Mail, and bulk freight forwarders. Shipping paperwork and customs clearance are taken care of by the courier companies, greatly simplifying the process for importers. Our delivery speed is suitable for an eBay type of selling drop shipped direct from China. There is no mentioning of ‘OK Charms’ on the shipping invoice, on the goods, and in the parcel. As dropshippers, you can sell China jewelry with confidence, as your online jewelry accessories business is protected. OK Charms is a trusted China wholesale supplier of hundreds of ecommerce companies, small businesses, eBay power sellers, and local distributors in every country around the world. Drop shippers may sell internationally with no restrictions from us.